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Today is: October 20, 2018  
Deposit Accounts

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Deposit Accounts Date  
Blue Dot California Courts Begin to Attack Deposit Fees and Loan Interest Rates 10/18 View Now
Blue Dot CFPB Prepaid Account Rule 04/18 View Now
Blue Dot CFPB Blesses (But Cautions) Data Aggregators 11/17 View Now
Blue Dot CFPB And California Legislature Impose New Limitations on Arbitration 10/17 View Now
Blue Dot A Guide to Individual Development Account Programs 09/16 View Now
Blue Dot Deposit Discrepancies 08/16 View Now
Blue Dot Opening and Maintaining Political Campaign Accounts 01/16 View Now
Blue Dot Financial Institution Record Match (FIRM) Program 01/12 View Now
Blue Dot FDIC FAQs on Overdraft Guidance 05/11 View Now
Blue Dot FDIC Overdraft Payment Supervisory Guidance 01/11 View Now
Blue Dot New Regulation D MMDA Rule (Or How To Count To Just Six) 06/09 View Now
Blue Dot AB 1723: New Law Regarding IOLTAs 12/07 View Now
Blue Dot Health Savings Accounts 02/07 View Now
Blue Dot Registered Domestic Partnerships: Selected Issues for Financial Institutions 12/04 View Now
Blue Dot Security Interests in Deposit Accounts Under UCC Revised Article 9 04/02 View Now

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