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Today is: November 29, 2021  

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BCG On-Demand Webinar Topics   

ACH Rights & Liabilities: NACHA's New Limitations on Warranty Claims

In providing ACH origination services as an originating depository financial institution (“ODFI”), one of the primary sources of risk generally comes from the warranties that ODFIs provide to other ACH participants, including that all ACH transactions are properly authorized and that the information in ACH entries is correct. As a receiving depository financial institution (“RDFI”), institutions are exposed to risk in the form of unauthorized ACH transactions, reversing entries, untimely returns and other operational risks.

To further complicate matters, effective June 30, 2021 the NACHA Rules were amended to implement new timing limitations on the warranty claims between an ODFI and an RDFI. In particular, a new rule provides for a significantly reduced length of time for an RDFI to make a claim based on the ODFI’s authorization warranty.

Due to the technical nature and complexity of the NACHA Rules, when processing ACH transactions financial institutions already have significant risk exposure for non-compliance with those rules, including potential fines and penalties. NACHA’s expectation is that the new limitations will create more certainty for transaction liability.

Join us at this Webinar as we discuss the new warranty limitations and other risk issues in the processing of ACH transactions, whether your institution is acting as an ODFI or an RDFI.
(Originally presented on July 27, 2021.)
(2.0 hours) BCG Members/$335 BCG Non-members/$435


ATM/Debit Card and ACH Unauthorized Claims Processes

Financial institutions need to ensure that their ATM/Debit Card and ACH unauthorized claims processes are compliant and up-to-date. This webinar addresses the claims process at it is impacted by Regulation E, Visa and MasterCard rules, the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) Operating Rules, as well as California law. The presentation includes a discussion of relevant changes to the NACHA Operating Rules that take effect in 2021, including changes to the authorization requirements and new limits on the warranty claims process. Some of the questions we address include: What are the rights of financial institutions when it comes to denying these types of claims and does it make a difference whether a claim comes from a consumer or a commercial customer? How does a customer’s negligence in handling the card and PIN impact the claims process? What are the documents an institution can request, and how long does an institution have to complete its investigation?
(Originally presented on January 27, 2021.)

(2.0 hours) BCG Members/$335 BCG Non-members/$435


Best Practices for Your Vendor Management Programs

Financial institutions are increasingly outsourcing activities and processes to third parties. It is no surprise that federal banking regulators have emphasized the need for institutions to manage the risks associated with vendor relationships. In some cases, the failure to adequately manage these relationships have resulted in significant regulatory penalties, legal risks and reputational damage. 

Join us as we discuss the federal regulators’ expectations regarding your institution’s vendor management program, including the need for your board’s involvement, critical risk assessments, vendor selection, negotiating vendor agreements, and your ongoing monitoring obligations.

We will also address the Proposed Interagency Guidance on Third Party Relationships—Risk Management.

As part of the Webinar we will also include a discussion of due diligence and contract negotiation checklists incorporating the various considerations that should be a part of your vendor management program.
(Originally presented on August 24, 2021.)
(2.0 hours) BCG Members/$335 BCG Non-members/$435


California Dreamin': An Update on Citizenship and Other Discrimination in California

Even though Regulation B’s commentary recognizes that an applicant’s immigration status could have a bearing on the creditor’s ability to obtain repayment, citizenship and immigration status discrimination nonetheless expose creditors to liability under both federal and California law.  For example, “Dreamers,” also known as DACA recipients, have been plaintiffs in at least two recent California class action lawsuits alleging this type of discrimination by creditors.  During this Webinar, we will discuss the current prohibited bases under the various federal and California fair lending laws, these two Dreamer cases, and other pressing fair lending compliance issues. Remember that fair lending compliance is a compliance issue that can expose a creditor to examiner criticism, enforcement actions, civil suits and bad press.  And more than ever, it has become a customer service issue.  To reduce this risk exposure, we encourage you to join us for this Webinar.
(Originally presented on June 16, 2021.)

(1.5 hours) BCG Members/$295 BCG Non-members/$395


The Demise of LIBOR: Where We've Come From and Where We're Going

For decades the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) has been a popular reference rate for commercial loans, residential mortgages, derivatives and swaps, as well as other credit instruments.  However, due to past abuses in the manipulation and reporting of LIBOR rates, it is expected that LIBOR will soon either no longer be published or will soon become a poor benchmark on which to base interest rates. Therefore, the banking industry is preparing to move away from LIBOR and use alternative indices.

Lenders should have already begun to transition legacy loan agreements and other financial contracts to a successor index or indices.  Fallback language that is currently found in many loan agreements, promissory notes and other contracts may be insufficient to protect a financial institution from disputes or litigation regarding successor indices. 

We will discuss the various approaches and contractual language that should be considered.  Lenders should also inventory the number and dollar amount of existing contracts that pose these contractual issues and develop a program addressing how to move these contracts to the new preferred indices.  In this presentation, we will discuss the strategies and planning around this major effort.
(Originally presented on July 14, 2021)
(1.5 hours) BCG Members/$295 BCG Non-members/$395


Documenting Your Borrowers

With all the different types of business entities, lenders have challenges in properly identifying their borrowers and understanding their legal structures. Customer Identification Program (CIP) requirements and the Beneficial Ownership Rule impose specific regulatory requirements for identifying borrowers. Failure to properly identify a borrower may not only impair the lender’s security interest and put the collectability of the entire loan at risk due to UCC Article 9’s requirements, but could also result in a compliance violation.

This Webinar will address these issues in a “workshop” format, providing checklists for the types of documents that can be obtained from various types of business entities.
(Originally presented on September 20, 2021)
(2.0 hours) BCG Members/$335 BCG Non-members/$435


Flood Insurance Regulations: Deep Dive into The Basics

What lenders most commonly trip on (and examiners’ impose civil money penalties for) are the flood insurance regulations’ basics. During this two-hour Webinar, we will do a deep dive into those basics, as well as discuss the most-pressing issues in connection with the mandatory purchase requirements (including contents coverage) and private flood insurance. It’ll be a Webinar mortgage and commercial real estate lenders shouldn’t miss!
(Originally presented on September 24, 2021.)
(2.0 hours) BCG Members/$335 BCG Non-members/$435


Insider and Affiliate Transactions 

This Webinar will provide a comprehensive discussion of the rules under Regulations O and W and other laws governing loans to executive officers, directors, and principal shareholders of financial institutions and their related interests, as well as affiliate transactions.

The program will cover the following topics:

  • The parties covered by the rules
  • Extensions of credit defined
  • General prohibitions, including:
    • Terms and creditworthiness
    • Prior approval
    • Special lending limits
    • Loans to insiders of affiliates
    • Overdrafts of insiders
  • Loans to credit union officials
  • Additional restrictions on loans to executive officers
  • Transactions with affiliates

We will also discuss related issues regarding the indebtedness of executive officers and directors of registered companies, such as bank holding companies. Additionally, we will address restrictions on loans to federal and state credit union officials and senior management. Don’t miss this important discussion of a hot topic in regulatory exams!
(Originally presented on November 9, 2021.)
(2.0 hours) BCG Members/$335 BCG Non-members/$435


Letters of Credit Revisited

Globalization of commerce and increased trade has resulted in an increase in the need for standby and commercial letters of credit. The COVID-19 virus and other recent world events have also increased the likelihood that demands on letters of credit may be made, which in turn puts renewed focus on issues related to issuing letters of credit and negotiating letters of credit.  Aldrich & Bonnefin is pleased to invite you, your commercial lending staff and your international banking personnel to attend our Webinar on Letters of Credit.  In this Webinar, we will start with a basic discussion about letters of credit and the rules that govern letters of credit, followed by a more focused discussion on regulatory issues and document examination issues relating to standby and commercial letters of credit.  
(Originally presented on October 21, 2021.)
(2.0 hours) BCG Members/$335 BCG Non-members/$435


Levy Exemptions: Navigating The Levy Processing Nightmare

State and federal laws require financial institutions to leave a certain amount on deposit in an account for a depositor to use when served with a levy or other garnishment if the depositor’s account receives direct (electronic) deposits of certain state and federal benefit payments. There are yet other exemptions for set amounts, such as a child support order with a $3,500 exemption and California’s new exemption for all natural persons. To further confuse matters, there are new exemptions for COVID economic income payments made available under Governor Newsom’s executive order and recent relief legislation.

This is a very complicated area of law. This Webinar analyzes each of the automatic exemptions that a California financial institution is likely to face. We examine how financial institutions are expected to apply any given exemption whether served with a government or private party levy, attachment or order to withhold. Our discussion  also helps alleviate confusion expressed by many financial institutions regarding the conflicts between the various exemptions.
(Originally presented on February 11, 2021.)

(1.5 hours) BCG Members/$295 BCG Non-members/$395


Loan Participations Update 2021

Interest in the purchase of participations in commercial loans and also the purchase of whole commercial loans has increased as the pandemic and the related recession has subsided. Smaller institutions see these purchases as a way of growing their commercial loan portfolios, while larger institutions see the sale of participations and whole loans as a way of diversifying their portfolios. Institutions both large and small also may look to participations as a way of dealing with lending limit issues. Whatever the motivation, an institution buying or selling must carefully analyze the loan participation agreement. We will also discuss recent regulatory developments affecting loan participations that lenders should address.

Aldrich and Bonnefin is pleased to invite you and your commercial lending staff and audit and documentation staff, to attend our Webinar on Loan Participations and Whole-Loan Purchases.  Note that this Webinar will not provide a comprehensive review of the underwriting issues to be considered when selling or buying a loan participation or a whole loan. Rather, we will focus on certain specific regulatory and examination issues regarding loan participations. 
(Originally presented on June 29, 2021.)
(2.0 hours) BCG Members/$335 BCG Non-members/$435



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