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Today is: February 20, 2019  


Upcoming BCG Seminars

BCG's monthly Seminars are one of the most popular features of BCG membership. Each member is allowed to register up to 20 people to attend a monthly Seminar, which collectively cover a myriad of topics, including Electronic Banking, Compliance Management, Financial Privacy and Commercial Real Estate Lending. In addition, each member institution receives via email a link to a downloadable PDF of the comprehensive Standard Procedures “E-Manual” published each month in connection with the BCG Seminar. And don’t forget, non-members can attend monthly Seminars too.  All non-member attendees receive one copy of the Standard Procedures Manual produced for that particular seminar, which will be mailed to the attendee by the end of the Seminar month.   

Listed below are the next two BCG Monthly Seminars held in California. Please click on a title below to view a brief description of each Seminar. Additional Seminars will be posted as their respective dates approach. To view past Seminar schedules and descriptions, click here or contact us if you have any questions or require further information.  Download the 2019 BCG Seminar Schedule Here!



General Banking Operations

February 2019

Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC is pleased to invite you and your operations staff to attend a Seminar addressing operations compliance. We will discuss recent developments and updates in a number of banking operations areas. The Seminar will also include an overview of considerations and requirements triggered when opening a deposit account for nonresident alien individuals and foreign entities. As part of this discussion, we will go through the various IRS Forms W-8.

Additionally, the presentation will include issues and processes triggered when an institution is notified of an account holder’s death. This death of depositor discussion will include small estate processes, as well as estates subject to probate. We will also cover powers of attorney, including content requirements and related risks (general, durable, statutory, and trustee scenarios).

Last, we will provide an operations roundup of current hot topics.








ECOA & Regulation B and FCRA

March 2019

Aldrich & Bonnefin is pleased to invite you to a Seminar on the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), its implementing Regulation B, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

As we will discuss during this seminar, ECOA applies to every loan and every aspect of a credit transaction. To top it off, FCRA applies every time you pull a credit report. So, outside of not making loans or never pulling a credit report, there is no way around ECOA and FCRA compliance.

This seminar will show you how to walk through ECOA and FCRA’s heavy hitters, such as the adverse action notice rules, the signature rules and when you may pull a credit report. For the adverse action notice rules, we will breakdown: (i) when you must include credit scores in these notices; and (ii) the differences between an inquiry, application and completed application.

Speaking of applications, now that TRID has given us another definition of “application,” creditors are regularly confused as to which definition of “application” applies in the case of ECOA and FCRA – what’s an application for the adverse action rules; what’s an application allowing you to pull a consumer report? We will make sense of this too.

We will also discuss fair lending developments, such as the California Unruh Act’s citizenship and immigration status prohibited bases, redlining and discrimination concerns with “big data” usage.









Construction Lending

April 2019

While the economy seems to continue to grow, there is nonetheless some uncertainty as to what lies ahead for the economy as well as for construction and development. As a result, construction lenders must carefully underwrite and structure construction loans in ways that meet their clients’ needs while at the same time minimize the potential for losses. Now more than ever, a construction lender must understand and appreciate the importance of due diligence, appropriate structuring of construction loans, sound credit administration practices, and resolving disputes with the key players in construction projects as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

With this in mind, Aldrich & Bonnefin is pleased to invite you, your lending professionals, your note department personnel and your audit and loan review staff to our Seminar on Construction Lending. This Seminar will focus on due diligence issues, structuring and administering construction loans, and managing risk associated with construction loans.









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