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Today is: January 17, 2021  


Upcoming BCG Seminars

BCG's monthly Seminars are one of the most popular features of BCG membership. Each member is allowed to register up to 20 people to attend a monthly Seminar, including a new option to register for our BCG Seminar Recording Playback location. BCG Seminars collectively cover a myriad of topics, including Electronic Banking, Compliance Management, Financial Privacy, Information Security, Commercial Real Estate Lending and many more. In addition, each member institution receives via email a link to a downloadable PDF of the comprehensive Standard Procedures “E-Manual” published each month in connection with the BCG Seminar.  

And don’t forget, non-members can attend monthly Seminars too. Each non-member attendee receives one copy of the Standard Procedures Manual produced for that particular seminar, which will be mailed to the attendee by the end of the Seminar month.   

Listed below are the next two BCG Monthly Seminars held in California. Please click on a title below to view a brief description of each Seminar. Additional Seminars will be posted as their respective dates approach. To view past Seminar schedules and descriptions, click here or contact us if you have any questions or require further information.  Download the 2021 BCG Seminar Schedule Here!


Equal Credit Opportunity Act & Regulation B and Fair Credit Reporting Act

January 2021

Aldrich & Bonnefin is pleased to invite you to a Seminar on the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), its implementing Regulation B, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

As we will discuss during this seminar, ECOA applies to every loan and every aspect of a credit transaction. To top it off, FCRA applies every time you pull a consumer’s credit report. So, outside of not making loans or never pulling a credit report, there is no way around ECOA and FCRA compliance.

This seminar will show you how to walk through ECOA and FCRA’s heavy hitters, such as the adverse action notice rules, the signature rules and when you may pull a credit report. For the adverse action notice rules, we will breakdown: (i) when you must include credit scores in these notices; and (ii) the differences between an inquiry, application and completed application.

Additionally, even during times of crisis, fair lending compliance should remain at the forefront of every creditor’s loan origination and servicing activities. Fair lending compliance issues can not only expose a creditor to examiner criticism, enforcement actions, civil suits and bad press, but also lead to customer service issues. We will discuss how to maintain those fair lending compliance activities and what are currently the most pressing fair lending compliance issues. We will also discuss the CARES Act changes to the FCRA reporting requirements.









Negotiable Instruments Law
February 2021

Aldrich & Bonnefin is pleased to invite you and your operations personnel to attend our Negotiable Instruments Seminar.

We will navigate the amendments to Regulation CC which now address in detail electronic check collection. This detailed discussion will include Regulation CC’s warranties and indemnities for electronic check collection as well as the presentment and return requirements. We will also discuss the interrelationship between Regulation CC, the UCC and the ECCHO rules for those checks which are collected outside of the federal reserve system.side of not making loans or never pulling a credit report, there is no way around ECOA and FCRA compliance.

We will also review the requirements for check signatures and endorsements, including the various types of fraud claims that may be asserted against both depositary and payor banks.

Finally, we will cover stop payment rights, including the rules governing lost, stolen or destroyed cashier’s checks.









Loan Workouts & Collections

March 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting impact on the economy has increased the likelihood of loan workouts, defaults and collections. While the COVID-19 vaccines, and the recent Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 stimulus bill, may help reduce the pandemic’s impact on the economy and loan portfolios, we are in uncertain times and financial institutions must be prepared for new efforts to reduce or mitigate potential losses.

While exploring creative ways of re-structuring these loans in an effective workout, lenders must also hone their skills relating to the collection process. Ultimately, if attempts at a loan workout fail, the lender may be faced with foreclosing on and liquidating its collateral. Therefore, the processes for such actions should now be revisited.

With this in mind, Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC is pleased to invite you to attend our seminar on Loan Workouts and Collections. This seminar will address loan workout considerations and alternatives, as well as foreclosing on real property collateral. In addition, the seminar will cover regulatory and accounting issues impacting loan workouts, as well as recent developments and hot topics.











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