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Today is: July 7, 2020  


Upcoming BCG Seminars

BCG's monthly Seminars are one of the most popular features of BCG membership. Each member is allowed to register up to 20 people to attend a monthly Seminar, including a new option to register for our BCG Seminar Recording Playback location. BCG Seminars collectively cover a myriad of topics, including Electronic Banking, Compliance Management, Financial Privacy, Information Security, Commercial Real Estate Lending and many more. In addition, each member institution receives via email a link to a downloadable PDF of the comprehensive Standard Procedures “E-Manual” published each month in connection with the BCG Seminar.  

And don’t forget, non-members can attend monthly Seminars too. Each non-member attendee receives one copy of the Standard Procedures Manual produced for that particular seminar, which will be mailed to the attendee by the end of the Seminar month.   

Listed below are the next two BCG Monthly Seminars held in California. Please click on a title below to view a brief description of each Seminar. Additional Seminars will be posted as their respective dates approach. To view past Seminar schedules and descriptions, click here or contact us if you have any questions or require further information.  Download the 2020 BCG Seminar Schedule Here!


Legal Processes

June 2020

Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC is pleased to invite you to attend our Seminar on Legal Processes. The program will focus on levies and subpoenas served by private parties as well as those served by state and federal government agencies.

Our discussion will include the fundamentals of processing a levy and the important principles for determining whether a business or personal account is subject to levy. We will also cover the new California law granting an automatic exemption for all consumers.

In addition to levies and executions, we will discuss requests for customers’ financial records pursuant to civil subpoenas as well as government requests under the California and Federal Right to Financial Privacy laws.

This Seminar is intended to be of benefit to individuals with all levels of experience.











Truth in Lending Act & Regulation Z

July 2020

No matter how long we have been in compliance, some “basic” Truth in Lending Act rules continue to trip us up. For example, what is a TILA-covered loan? Which types of changes in terms trigger new TILA disclosures? What is and what is not a finance charge? Also what are some common TILA mistakes examiners find in compliance exams?

In BCG’s Truth in Lending Act & Regulation Z Seminar, our presenter, Stephanie Shea, will breakdown these basics, as well as cover some of the more important TILA home equity line of credit (HELOC) and credit card rules.

And there will be plenty of time for questions, so bring them!












Community Reinvestment Act

August 2020

Until just recently, the Community Reinvestment Act regulations remained mostly unchanged for over 25 years. Under the former Comptroller Joseph Otting’s leadership, though, the OCC independently revised its CRA regulations in order to “strengthen and modernize the CRA” (however the FDIC opted not to be part of the final rule although it did participate in the original December 2019 proposed rule). These changes, which will not take effect for several years, will apply to national banks and all savings associations. In the interim, these institutions remain subject to the OCC’s current CRA regulations. State chartered banks continue to be subject to the FRB or FDIC’s current CRA regulations, at least for the foreseeable future.

As compliance and CRA professionals are aware, the examination process continues to stress the importance of CRA compliance. CRA examinations evaluate the results of a bank’s lending activities, and for some banks their community development investment and service activities, in meeting the credit needs of local communities, including LMI individuals and neighborhoods. As such, banks need to implement effective strategies for meeting their CRA obligations.

We designed our Community Reinvestment Act Seminar to assist you in understanding the performance criteria that apply to your bank, what qualifies as “community development,” and how your bank’s performance context – such as the bank’s capacity and constraints and the needs and opportunities within its assessment area – can impact its CRA performance.

This Seminar also will provide an update regarding recent amendments made to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and Regulation C, in particular the changes to the coverage rules, and the impact those changes may have on a bank’s CRA performance.










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