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Today is: June 20, 2021  


Upcoming BCG Seminars

BCG's monthly Seminars are one of the most popular features of BCG membership. Each member is allowed to register up to 20 people to attend a monthly Seminar, including a new option to register for our BCG Seminar Recording Playback location. BCG Seminars collectively cover a myriad of topics, including Electronic Banking, Compliance Management, Financial Privacy, Information Security, Commercial Real Estate Lending and many more. In addition, each member institution receives via email a link to a downloadable PDF of the comprehensive Standard Procedures “E-Manual” published each month in connection with the BCG Seminar.  

And don’t forget, non-members can attend monthly Seminars too. Each non-member attendee receives one copy of the Standard Procedures Manual produced for that particular seminar, which will be mailed to the attendee by the end of the Seminar month.   

Listed below are the next two BCG Monthly Seminars held in California. Please click on a title below to view a brief description of each Seminar. Additional Seminars will be posted as their respective dates approach. To view past Seminar schedules and descriptions, click here or contact us if you have any questions or require further information.  Download the 2021 BCG Seminar Schedule Here!



Commercial Lending Seminar 2021: Anatomy of a Commercial Loan
June 2021

We invite you to our annual Commercial Lending Seminar, which this year will use the approach of the anatomy of a commercial loan and related real-life challenges. We will focus on basic commercial lending skills applied to a single developing case study with increasing complexity, including due diligence, customer identification, attachment and perfection issues, financing different types of collateral, lending limits and related case law studies.

Please join us to hone your commercial lending skills in the ever challenging commercial lending environment!









Your Compliance Management System - Is it Working?
July 2021

Aldrich & Bonnefin is pleased to invite your compliance staff, business line managers and executive management of your financial institution to take a fresh look at your Compliance Management System (CMS) and reassess what’s working and what’s not. This Seminar will focus on structuring an effective, risk-based CMS specifically for financial institutions and implementing the program’s objectives. There will be case studies to make the Seminar of immediate practical value to all who attend.

With increasing regulatory scrutiny and civil litigation against financial institutions, as well as the need to implement ever-changing regulations, attention must be paid to systems and procedures for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Without a structured compliance program, compliance dollars can be wasted and an institution’s ability to comply can be dramatically diminished. Without a formal compliance program, an institution is exposed to the risk of liability to shareholders, customers and regulators alike. In contrast, having a strong, well-managed compliance program can mitigate any occasional violations that inevitably occur.








Bank Secrecy Act Compliance
August 2021

Aldrich & Bonnefin is pleased to invite you to attend our full-day Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Seminar. As money laundering schemes continue to increase and evolve, it is more important today than ever for financial institutions to ensure proper steps are being taken to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. We will begin our discussion by examining the requirements of the CIP and beneficial ownership rules, including the impact of the numerous FAQs and related guidance FinCEN has issued.

During this Seminar, we will also cover in detail customer due diligence (CDD) expectations with a focus on providing services to high-risk customers, including the difficulties in providing services to marijuana- and hemp-related businesses and businesses involved with convertible virtual currencies.

We also will delve into the suspicious activity reporting process, including the impact of a new set of SAR FAQs issued by FinCEN in early 2021. Finally, we will complete our discussion with a review of recent BSA enforcement actions.










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