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What is the Bankers' Compliance Group® (BCG)?

Group Legal Service: The Bankers' Compliance Group® (BCG) is an organization of dozens of independent banks, savings associations and other financial institutions who have associated for the purpose of retaining and sharing legal counsel for group legal services. The Group, which is celebrating over 35 years of service, shares the cost of legal fees on a pro rata basis for regular meetings, newsletters, all-day seminars and special projects that are of common interest to members of the Group. The law firm of Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC acts as legal counsel for the Group.

Support Services: The law firm provides information and updating in the areas of lending, operations, labor and administration. Membership in the Group entitles an institution to have both a collective and individual relationship with the law firm. The collective relationship entitles the member to monthly newsletters, regular BCG Monthly Telephone Briefing with the attorneys, three questions answered by telephone with an attorney per month, on-line training and all-day seminars and associated electronic standard procedures manuals. The individual relationship with the firm depends entirely upon those matters for which the member wishes to separately retain the law firm, such as advice on its particular legal transactions problems or questions.

Response to Members: The Group has grown rapidly due to the enthusiasm and support of the current members, the Group's greatest boosters. The Bankers' Compliance Group® will continue to grow, develop and respond to the legal needs of the independent banking community.

It's More Than Just Compliance

Bankers' Compliance Group® is known throughout California for advising, teaching and keeping its members informed about developments in regulatory compliance.

Also available to BCG members and non-members alike is a full range of legal services for lenders.

Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC (counsel to Bankers' Compliance Group®) is available to assist financial institutions with all aspects of loan structuring and documentation, as well as loan workouts and collections. Our experienced attorneys assist clients with questions about various issues of both consumer and commercial loans ranging from regulatory compliance to due diligence and structuring. We offer assistance in all aspects of documentation, from providing sample language for a specialized provision, to providing customized documentation for all or a portion of a loan transaction.

In addition, we offer a series of generic forms that will supplement most computer-generated documentation systems. Our form documents are designed to provide flexibility, that may not be available from an automated system, often needed in order to customize a document for special terms and conditions required for a specific transaction. We also offer assistance with setup and training for automated documentation systems.


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