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BCG Member Services & Benefits

BCG provides its members the following essential services and benefits:

Monthly Newsletter: Each month BCG publishes a newsletter for its members. The newsletter contains up-to-the-minute information on such topics as Dodd-Frank Act, CRA, employment issues, regulatory developments, recent litigation, commercial lending, monthly meeting dates, handouts, webinar information, questions and answers, and much, much more. View current newsletter highlights.

Monthly Seminar Attendance: Attendance at our monthly seminars is one of the most popular features of BCG membership. We currently allow up to twenty people from each financial institution to attend each monthly seminar. Seminar topics cover a full range of industry related issues. View current monthly seminar announcement.

Online Training: BCG offers its members interactive web-based training powered by OnCourse Learning, so that employees can learn according to the institution's own schedule from any location with Internet access. As part of the BCG Membership, Fair Lending Act Overview, Expedited Funds Availability Act:  Regulation CC and Bank Secrecy Act are included. View more classes offered through OnCourse Learning.  

BCG Monthly Telephone Briefing: BCG offers a telephone briefing with live Q & A's for easy attendance. Current and upcoming legal and regulatory matters are discussed at this meeting. The financial institution also has the option to stream the audio of the briefing free of charge for listening at your convenienceView the current BCG monthly telephone briefing topics.

Handouts and Special Announcements: (usually 3-4 per month) Handouts are designed to supplement the discussions at the BCG monthly telephone briefing. They are available to members by download from this website and cover a wide range of topical legal and regulatory compliance matters ranging from lending, operations through administration. In addition, archived paper handouts and audio files are available to members at no charge by download from this site. View past handouts and audio files archive.

Discounts On BCG Webinars: The Webinars are an optional feature of BCG membership and are offered on a variety of topics. Webinars are usually one and a half to two hours and have a more narrow focus than the all day BCG seminars. BCG members receive a considerable discount on registration fees. Click here to view current webinars.

Telephone/Email Consultation: BCG Members receive a total of three phone calls and/or email questions each month to the law firm, Aldrich & Bonnefin, at no charge. Membership in the Group entitles an institution to have both a collective and individual relationship with the law firm. The individual relationship with the firm depends entirely upon those matters for which the member wishes to separately retain the law firm, such as advice on its particular legal problems or questions.

Standard Procedures Manuals: As a BCG Member, your financial institution will receive an email containing a link to a downloadable PDF of the Standard Procedures “E-Manual” published each month in connection with the BCG seminar. The online version of all 191 manuals, Compliance Companion®, is also available to members at a substantial discount. View a complete listing of the Standard Procedures Manuals or View the Compliance Companion® order form.

1 As of July 2019, SPM #14, Loan Participations, has been incorporated into SPM #3, Commercial Lending. In addition, we are no longer supporting or updating SPM #16, Employment Law.

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