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Today is: August 17, 2019  


Monthly Telephone Briefing

BCG offers its members monthly Telephone Briefings on legal and regulatory matters. Also, you have the option to listen to audio presentations of meetings archived for up to 12 months after their original presentation dates. This benefit is called, “Listen While You Work.” You simply select a topic, minimize the screen, and listen to a streaming audio presentation while you work at your desk.

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Friday, August 16, 2019
12:00 - 1:30 p.m.

Recent Developments and Changes to the Regulatory Capital Rules and the Volcker Rule

The banking regulators have been quite busy in the last several months issuing various final and proposed rules to revise their regulations with regard to capital and investment requirements. The primary goal with these releases is to reduce the regulatory burden for small to mid-sized financial institutions.

Specifically, the FDIC, FRB and OCC jointly released a final rule to simplify capital requirements for all but the largest and more complex financial institutions. These same agencies have also jointly issued a proposed rule to adopt changes made by the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act with regard to weighting (for capital purposes) certain transactions that qualify as high volatility commercial real estate transactions, or “HVCRE” loans. To implement another aspect of the Regulatory Relief Act, the FDIC, FRB and OCC issued a separate final rule to adopt a community bank exception to the Volcker Rule. Not to be outdone, the NCUA recently issued a proposed rule that if adopted would delay the effective date of its own risk-based capital rules which were released in 2015 and then amended in 2018. The agencies have also issued several other final and proposed rules with regard to capital requirements.

Please join us for our August Telephone Briefing during which we will discuss the details of these new final and proposed rules as well as their impact on BCG members. Download Handout Here!







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