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Today is: August 14, 2020  


Monthly Telephone Briefing

BCG offers its members monthly Telephone Briefings on legal and regulatory matters. Also, you have the option to listen to audio presentations of meetings archived for up to 12 months after their original presentation dates. This benefit is called, “Listen While You Work.” You simply select a topic, minimize the screen, and listen to a streaming audio presentation while you work at your desk.

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Friday, August 21, 2020
12:00 - 1:30 p.m.

Regulatory Expectations In The Post Covid-19 Environment

Recently the federal financial institution regulatory agencies, in conjunction with the state bank and credit union regulators, jointly issued examiner guidance to outline the supervisory principles for assessing the safety and soundness of financial institutions given the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The agencies have indicated that in assessing an institution under the principles in the guidance, examiners will consider the institution’s asset size, complexity and risk profile, as well as the industry and business focus of its customers. However, the underlying indication is that traditional CAMELS rating criteria will be applied in upcoming examinations. 

At the August Monthly Telephone Briefing, we will present an overview of regulatory expectations in the post COVID-19 environment. As examiners increasingly use off-site and remote techniques to conduct examinations, we will share anecdotal information about the current trends in the exam process and what we are hearing from our clients. Financial institutions should not be misled into a false sense of security by initial cutbacks in oversight which are temporary in nature. In particular, it is clear from the guidance that asset quality, loan classifications and regulatory reporting will be high priorities. Please join us for an in-depth discussion of what to expect in your next examination in these crazy times! Handout to be posted Thursday, August, 20th.











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