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Today is: September 27, 2021  

"Listen While You Work"
Monthly Telephone Briefings via Streaming Audio

Did you miss out on a BCG Monthly Telephone Briefing? Are you out of time to read the monthly Handouts? Why not listen to the meetings while you work? BCG Members can simply click on the topic they wish to hear, then sit back and reap the benefits of streaming audio. It's that easy!

A 12-month archive of the Audio Recordings and Handouts from the BCG MonthlyTelephone Briefings are available below. The Audio Recordings are available in .wav format and can be played using Windows® Media Player or QuickTime. After making an Audio selection, a pop-up window will appear. Simply minimize the window if you want to "listen while you work." The accompanying Handout is also available for download.


Audio and Handout Archive  



Briefing Topic


Play Now Download Handout Hello, Regulation F: The CFPB's New FDCPA Regulations and Their Impact on Financial Institutions 9/21
Play Now Download Handout Deposit Account Advertising Compliance 8/21

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Proposed Amendments to Regulation J in Preparation for the FedNow Service

Play Now Download Handout Overdraft Protection Practices Update (June 2021) 6/21
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Play Now (Part 2)
Download Handout The Consumer's Right of Recission 5/21
Play Now Download Handout Agencies Propose Private Flood Insurance Q&As 4/21
Play Now Download Handout CFPB Rescinds COVID Temporary Compliance Flexibility Statements 4/21
Play Now Download Handout FDIC Revises Brokered Deposit Regulations 3/21
Play Now Download Handout Proposition 24: California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 2/21
Play Now Download Handout Telephone Consumer Protection Act Update: The FCC Always Rings Thrice 2/21
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The New COVID-19 Stimulus Bill (HR 133): What Financial Institutions Need to Know


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2021 California Legislation Update

Play Now Download Handout CFPB's New RESPA Section 8 FAQs: What's New and What's Not 11/20
Play Now Download Handout CFPB’s FCRA Guidance During the Pandemic 10/20



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