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BCG Monthly Newsletter Archive

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BCG Monthly Newsletter Archive 2007


Newsletter Highlights


January 2007
  • 2006 Witnesses Record BCG Seminar Attendance
  • Federal Reserve Issues Revised CHARM Booklet
  • FDIC Adopts New Member FDIC Sign
  • California Department of Social Services Approves New Form for Reporting Elder Financial Abuse
  • Regulators Release Guidance on CRE Lending
February 2007
  • SAR Review Shows Increase in Mortgage Loan Fraud
  • FDIC Issues Supervisory Policy on Predatory Lending
  • OCC Issues Tips for Consumers to Avoid Cashier’s Check Fraud
March 2007
  • Agencies Propose Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending
  • House Committee Looking to Lift Race/Gender Ban
  • DOJ Expected to Take Action Over 2004 HMDA Data
April 2007
  • New GLBA Privacy Form on the Horizon
  • FRB Rejects Race/Gender Queries on Business Loans
  • Joint Interim Rule Expands Asset Size for Banks Subject to 18 month Exam Cycle
May 2007
  • FRB Proposes Clarifying Changes to Electronic Disclosure Delivery Rules
  • Supreme Court Upholds Federal Preemption
  • Policy Statement Prompts Financial Institutions to Work with Mortgage Borrowers
June 2007
  • Fed Publishes Proposal to Revamp Credit Card Disclosures
  • New HMDA Faqs Address Reverse Mortgages
  • Flood Determinations for Simultaneous Loans
July 2007
  • Agencies Finalize Interagency Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending
  • NTM Product Illustrations for Consumer Information Issued
  • Court Upholds Lender’s Rescission Procedures
  • FRB Offers Online Mortgage Comparison Calculator
August 2007
  • House Proposes Bill on Fairness for Homeowners
  • Project Planned to Tighten Supervision of Subprime Mortgage Lenders
  • Agencies Issue Statement on BSA/AML Requirements
  • Small Dollar EFTs Exempt from Reg E Receipt Rule
September 2007
  • State Controller's Office Issues Update on Reporting Unclaimed Property
  • DoD Finalizes “Military APR” Regulations
  • FRB Raises HOEPA Section 32 Feebased Trigger
  • OCC Issues Revised Exam Procedures for TCPA and Junk Fax Act
October 2007
  • FEMA Updates NFIP Mandatory Flood Guidelines Booklet
  • Final Rule Expands Asset Size for Banks Subject to 18-month Exam Cycle
  • FFIEC Releases 2006 HMDA Data
  • FTC Issues Warning of Potentially Deceptive Advertisements
November 2007
  • Agencies Finally Adopt FACT Act Rules
  • California Adopts New Measures to Protect and Assist Homeowners
  • California Adopts Measure to Enforce Federal Military Payday Lending Law
  • FEMA Website Provides List of Flood Map Changes
December 2007
  • FRB Issues UDAP Exam Procedures
  • Rules and Guidelines Proposed for Ensuring Accuracy and Integrity of Consumer Information
  • HUD Revisiting RESPA Reform
  • Follow-up Questions from November STS: Regulatory Compliance for Commercial Lenders
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