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BCG Monthly Newsletter Archive 2008


Newsletter Highlights


January 2008
  • FRB Proposes Changes to HOEPA Rules
  • White House Issues Plan for Assisting Subprime Borrowers Facing Foreclosure
  • Lawmakers Seeking to Regulate UDAP
  • HMDA Reporting Trigger
  • FDIC Updates IT Officer's Questionnaire
February 2008
  • Federal and State Legislatures Seek to Aid Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis
  • California Lawmakers Introduce Subprime Lending Reform Measure
  • TILA Claims Permitted on Loan Involving Living Trust
  • Internal Controls Key to Maintaining Flood Insurance Coverage
March 2008
  • Treasury Offers Lifeline to Delinquent Mortgage Borrowers
  • OTS Contemplates Plan to Ease Negative Equity Loans
  • OCC Exams Tap Flawed Flood Determination Practices
  • Lending Preemption Provisions Upheld by Ninth Circuit
April 2008
  • RESPA Reform Proposed
  • Agencies Propose New and Revised Flood Q&As
  • Recent Change to the VISA International Service Assessment Fee
  • Mortgage Interest Calculation Claim Dismissed
May 2008
  • Court Holds OD Protection Programs Not Credit Under TILA
  • Federal Court Decides FCRA-Related “Advertising Injury” Insurance Coverage Dispute
  • Location Information for Borrower
  • OCC Issues New Rules to Ease Regulatory Burden
  • New Law Amends Registration and Licensing Requirements for Professional Fiduciaries
June 2008
  • Regulators Issue Proposed Rules to Enforce Unfair and Deceptive Practices
  • Final Hybrid ARM Illustrations for Consumer Information Issued
  • OTS Updates Provisions of its Examination Handbook
July 2008
  • Amendments Proposed to Member Business Loan Rule
  • Treasury and IRS Release New Health Savings Account Guidance
  • FDIC and United Way Partner to Bank the Unbanked
  • Standard Package Online Training Powered by BankersEdge℠
  • Chapter Meeting, BCG Seminars and STS Seminars
August 2008
  • FRB Amends Home Mortgage Provisions of Regulation Z
  • FRB Proposes Regulation C Amendments for Reporting Higher-Priced Loans
  • California Adopts Mortgage Foreclosure Law
  • Compliance Aspects of the New Federal Housing Bill
  • “Fair Value” Rule Does Not Apply to Guarantors; Settlors of a Trust can be “True Guarantors”
  • HELOC Brochure Updated to Address Freezing or Reducing Lines
  • Lawmakers Seek Support in Swaying HUD to Withdraw RESPA Proposal
September 2008
  • FDIC Updates Address in Fair Housing and Nondiscrimination Rules
  • Annual Adjustment Made to Fee-based Trigger for High-cost Mortgage Loans
  • FFIEC Approves Exam Procedures for Service Member Consumer Credit Regulations
  • State Supreme Court Ruling on Sexual Orientation Could Impact Financial Institutions
  • Loan Modification Program Unveiled by FDIC for IndyMac Mortgage Loans
  • OTS Issues HELOC Account Management Guidance
October 2008
  • One Day Delay in Closing Invalidates Rescission Notice
  • Annual Adjustment Made to Fee-based Trigger for High-cost Mortgage Loans
  • OTS Issues Guidance on Freezing HELOCs
  • FDIC Issues Best Practices for Mortgage Loans to LMI Families
  • OTS Updates Examiner Handbook to Address Policy on Documentation and Underwriting Standards
  • Additional or Replacement Card and Change of Address Notice
November 2008
  • FRB Finalizes HMDA Rules on Reporting Higher-Priced Loans
  • Update to Reg B Amends OTS Address for Adverse Action Notices
  • FinCEN Proposes to Restructure BSA Regulations
  • Agencies Take Steps to Implement Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
  • Amendments to ADA Enacted
  • Proposal Would Ease Shared Branch Network Sign Rules
December 2008
  • New Proposed Amendments to Regulation Z (Closed-end Rules)
  • HUD Issues New Good Faith Estimate and HUD-1 Disclosures
  • Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines Proposed
  • CRA CD Potential as a Result of Southern California Wildfires
  • Correction to SPM 15 Appendix L National Bank CRA Lobby Notice
  • Standard Package On-line Training Powered by BankersEdge™
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