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BCG Monthly Newsletter Archive

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BCG Monthly Newsletter Archive 2009


Newsletter Highlights


January 2009
  • Final Rules Released on Unfair Credit Card Practices and Credit Card Disclosures
  • Final Rule Simplifies CTR Exemption Process
  • FDIC Announces Final Rule on Recordkeeping Requirements for Qualified Financial Contracts
  • NCUA Revises Standard for Defining Low-Income Credit Unions
  • Agencies Adjust Asset Threshold for Small Bank Definition
  • Standard Package On-line Training Powered by BankersEdge™
February 2009
  • FEMA Issues Updated Flood Determination Form
  • Agencies Issue Remote Deposit Capture Risk Management Guidance
  • DFI Encourages Participation in Treasury‚Äôs GoDirect® Program
  • FDIC Proposes Changes to Brokered Deposit Interest Rate Restrictions
March 2009
  • New California Law Imposes Foreclosure Moratorium
  • FNMA Home Valuation Code of Conduct Effective May 1, 2009
  • Ninth Circuit Upholds Summary Judgment on TILA Class Action Claim; Reverses Ruling on California Unfair Competition Law
  • Federal Law Preempts California's “Holiday Statutes” Relating to Credit Card Payment Due Dates
April 2009
  • Updated Interagency Exam Procedures for SCRA Released
  • National Flood Insurance Program
  • OCC, OTS Separately Propose Rules for Confidentiality of SARs
  • FASB Amends OTTI, Fair Value Rules
May 2009
  • Clarifications Proposed on Regulation Z Open-end Credit and UDAP Final Rules
  • Is Credit Score Disclosure Triggered on Loan Modifications?
  • FinCEN Issues Guidance on Certain CTR Exemption Eligibility Rules
  • Proposed Federal Legislation Seeks to Place New Limits on Executive Compensation
June 2009
  • BCG is Going Green!!
  • More Changes Adopted to Reg Z Mortgage Loan Disclosures
  • Obama Signs Credit Card Act of 2009
  • Clarifying Issues from May BCG Regulation Z and RESPA Seminars
July 2009
  • TILA Amendment Imposes Notice Requirement for Sold Loans
  • Interim Final Rule Addresses Capital Treatment of MHAP Loans
  • DOC Provides Form for Applying for Exemption from State Foreclosure Moratorium Law
  • Setoff Against Social Security Deposits is Safe: Supreme Court Affirms Court of Appeals Decision in Miller
August 2009
  • FRB Proposals Impacting Mortgage-Secured Closed-End Credit and HELOCs
  • Clarifying Recent Regulation Z Questions
  • Banking Regulators Issue Guidance on California Registered Warrants
  • Proposed Legislation Would Create Consumer Financial Protection Agency; National Bank Supervisor
September 2009
  • FRB Proposals Impacting Mortgage-Secured Closed-End Credit and HELOCs
  • Reg Z Exam Procedures Revised (Again)
  • OCC Requiring Additional Disclosure in Reg Z Change in Terms Notice
  • Six-month Extension Made to TAG Program
October 2009
  • OTS Issues Warning on No Interest, No Payment Credit Card Programs
  • More RESPA FAQs Issued
  • FDIC Foreclosure Prevention Initiative Seeks to Curtail Scams
  • FRB Proposes Rule Amending Credit Card Provisions of Regulation Z
  • Follow-up to Real Estate Lending Compliance Seminar
  • FDIC Proposes Alternatives for Phasing Out Debt Guarantee Program
  • FDIC Proposes Prepayment of Risk- Based Assessments Through 2012
  • FDIC Revises Interest on Deposit Rule to Ease Transfer Limitations
November 2009
  • BREAKING NEWS: Periodic Statement 21- day Rule Amended to Apply Strictly to Credit Card Accounts
  • New California Legislation Aimed at Mortgage Reform, Protection of Consumer Interests
  • California Court Discusses the Availability of a Private Right of Action Under FCRA
  • DFI Emphasizes Expectation of Compliance with 2005 FFIEC Guidance
  • FinCEN Issues Advisory on Countries with Anti-Money Laundering Program Deficiencies
  • Federal Reserve Board Issues Proposal on Incentive Compensation
  • FRB Announces Changes to TALF Evaluation Procedures
  • Federal Regulators Issue Policy Statement on Prudent Commercial Real Esate Loan Workouts
December 2009
  • FRB Answers Questions on Short-Term Balloon Payment HPM Loans
  • New Model GLB Privacy Notice Adopted
  • HUD To Restrain From RESPA Enforcement
  • Agencies Adopt Final Rule on Capital Treatment of Home Affordable Loans
  • Unlawful Internet Gambling Rule Compliance Date Extended
  • IRS Announces Pilot TIN Masking Program
  • OFAC Issues Economic Sanctions Enforcement Guidelines Rule
  • FASB Redefines “Participating Interests”
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