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BCG Monthly Newsletter Archive

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BCG Monthly Newsletter Archive 2011


Newsletter Highlights


January 2011
  • Proposed Rule Would Increase Truth in Lending Exemption From $25,000 to $50,000
  • SAFE Act Update – Initial Registration Period Begins Soon
  • FDIC Fully Insures Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts
  • Treasury Releases Terms and Application Documents for Small Business Lending Fund
  • NCUA Adopts Financial Literacy Standards for Credit Union Directors
  • Final Rule Expands CD Credit Under CRA
February 2011
  • SEC Adopts Rules for Say-On-Pay and Golden Parachute Compensation
  • SAFE Act Update – January 31 Marks the Beginning of the Initial Federal Registration Period for MLOs
  • Fed Halts Action on Pending Reg Z Proposals
  • HUD Revised SCRA Notice Available for Immediate Use
  • Supreme Court Reverses Holding in Credit Card Case
  • Revisions Made to Reg Z Exam Procedures
March 2011
  • FDIC Issues Final Rule on Assessments
  • FRB Amends Regulation Z; Proposes Additional Changes to Higher-priced Mortgage Escrow Rules
  • Safe Act Federal Registration of MLOs
  • FDIC Proposes Bank Employee Deposit Insurance Training
  • FRB Supervisory Release on De Novo Interstate Branching
  • NCUA Proposes More Flexible Alternative for Qualifying as Low-income Credit Union
April 2011
  • Proposed Changes to Risk-based Pricing and Adverse Action Notices
  • Proposed Rule on Incentive Compensation Issued
  • Proposal Issued for Setting Claims Process on Orderly Liquidation Authority Provisions
  • Agencies Issue Proposed Credit Risk-retention Rules
  • FRB Final Rule Increases Regulation Z Exemption Threshold From $25,000 to $50,000
  • FRB Issues Clarifications Regarding Credit Card Act Rules
May 2011
  • FRB Proposes Reg Q Interest Ban Repeal; FDIC Follows Suit
  • FED Issues Proposal on Ability to Repay Under Reg Z
  • CFPB Issues Guidance Regarding Effective Date of Data Collection Requirements
  • Supreme Court Upholds Consumer Arbitration Clause
  • Reminder: MLO Initial Federal Registration Period Ends July 29, 2011
  • NMLS Posts Federal Registration FAQs
June 2011
  • FED Proposes Expanding Consumer Protections for Foreign Remittances
  • OCC Proposes Rule to Implement OTS Transfer and Other Portions of Reform Act
  • CFPB Unveils Samples of Combined TIL & GFE
  • FDIC Issues Supervisory Insights Special Foreclosure Edition
  • FRB Updates Reg B to Include New FDIC Consumer Response Center Address
  • OCC Issues Comptroller's Handbook on SCRA
July 2011
  • CFPB Proposes List of Rules Under its Authority
  • Agencies Extend Comment Period on Proposed Risk Retention Rule
  • FRB Delays Data Collection Rule for Motor Vehicle Dealers
  • Reg Z Dollar Threshold Exemption Increased
  • FRB Increases HOEPA Points & Fees Threshold
  • OCC Issues Foreclosure Practices Guidance
August 2011
  • OCC Issues Final Rule to Implement Reform Act Provisions
  • OCC Recodifies OTS Regs
  • FRB Issues Notice of Intent Regarding OTS Regulations
  • Combined Mortgage Disclosures - Round 3
  • New Law Clarifies State Short-sale Deficiency
  • HUD Makes Technical Amendments to RESPA Reg X
  • FinCEN Amends Definition of MSB to Include Foreign-located MSBs Doing Business in the US
September 2011
  • Agencies Issue Guidance on Federal Debt: U.S. Credit Downgrade Does Not Affect Risk Weights of U.S. Government Securities
  • FRB Issues Interim Final Rule for SLHCS
  • Update on Combined Mortgage Disclosures
  • Jags Team Up with CFPB
  • Adverse Action Notice: Specifying Denial Reason of Property Vesting
  • FTB Begins Rulemaking Process to Implement the FIRM Program
  • OFAC Violations Cost JPMorgan Over $88 Million
  • NLRB Final Rule Requires Employers to Post Notice Detailing Employee Unionization Rights
  • FDIC Issues Rule on Retail Foreign Exchange Transactions
  • HUD Approves Waiver of Financial Reporting Requirements for Institutions with Less than $500mm in Assets
  • Court Suspends SEC Proxy Access Rules
  • FDIC Clarifies its Statement of Policy for Section 19 of the FDI Act
October 2011
  • CFPB: Final Rules on Borrower’s Ability to Repay to be Issued Early Next Year
  • FRB Issues Reg B Data Collection Rules for Motor Vehicle Dealers
  • CFPB Exercises Its AMTPA Rulemaking Authority
  • Congress Extends the NFIP (Again)
  • Banking Agencies Finalize Two Proposed Interagency Flood Insurance Questions & Answers; Propose Revisions to Three Existing Q&As
  • District Court Enjoins Enforcement of Expanded Reg Z Credit Card Account Opening Fee Restriction
  • 9th Circuit: English Loan Docs to Spanish-speaking Borrowers Does Not Toll TILA Statute of Limitations
  • Another Round for Mortgage Disclosure Simplification
  • HUD Reduces Super-conforming Loan Limit
  • SAFE Act Registration
  • Brown Approves Additional Requirements for Data Breach Notification Law
  • FRB Issues Second Set of FAQs on Debit Card Interchange Rule
  • Treasury’s FMS Amends Reclamation Rules
  • DOJ Settles with Wells Fargo for $16M for Failing to Accept Relay Service Calls
  • FTC Issues Proposed COPPA Rule Amendments
  • FinCEN Proposes Requirement that BSA Reports be Submitted Electronically
  • FinCEN Issues Extension to Comply with Final Rule on Prepaid Access
  • SEC Revives Proxy Access for Director Nominations
  • The American Jobs Act Would Prohibit Discrimination Against the Unemployed
  • Employees’ Full Severance Pay may be Entitled to Priority Treatment Upon Bankruptcy
  • Employers Have Opportunity to Reclassify Independent Contractors
  • IRS Clears the Air on Taxation of Employer-provided Cell Phones
  • FTC Final Rule Bans Deceptive Claims in Consumer Mortgage Advertising
November 2011
  • CFPB Issues Examination Manual
  • Agencies Propose Volcker Rule Regulations
  • Agencies Adopt Final Resolution Plan Rules
  • Supreme Court to hear RESPA “Unearned Fee” Case
  • OCC Issues Guidance on Addresses for CRA and ECOA Notices and FHA Posters
  • November 1 Marks Annual MLO Registration Renewal Period
  • 7th Circuit: FCRA Preempts State Law Claims
  • SAR Filings Lead to Convictions
  • OCC Issues New Reg E Exam Booklet
  • Changes to Reg D Reserve Requirements Proposed
  • FinCEN Proposes Cross-Border Reporting of Prepaid Access Products
  • Shareholder Registration Threshold May Increase
  • FFIEC to Calculate Annual MFI Data
  • NLRB Postpones Effective Date of Right to Organize Notice
December 2011
  • Joint Policy Statement Clarifies Method Used to Determine CFPB Jurisdiction
  • HUD Proposes Fair Housing Disparate Impact Standard
  • Supreme Court to Review FHA Disparate Impact Case
  • National Flood Insurance Program Extended to December 16
  • Impact of QualiFile Scores on FCRA Adverse Action Notices
  • CFPB Seeks Comment on Sample Loan Closing Forms
  • FinCEN Clarifies Process for Filing Corrected or Amended Reports
  • Important Upcoming Dates and Changes to ATM Accessibility Under the 2010 ADA Standards
  • Measure Could Provide Examination Relief and Clarity
  • Credit Unions Reminded of Exam Confidentiality
  • Recent FFIEC HMDA and CRA Developments
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