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Today is: November 29, 2021  

Compliance Companion®

Regulatory Compliance your fingertips!

A Compliance Companion® subscription provides easy access to each of the 191 Standard Procedures Manuals below. For a description of each Manual, click on the following titles.

SPM 1Consumer Lending Compliance
SPM 2 New Accounts Documentation & Compliance
SPM 3 Commercial Lending
SPM 4Legal Processes
SPM 5Electronic Banking
SPM 6Equal Credit Opportunity Act & Regulation B and Fair Credit Reporting Act
SPM 7Negotiable Instruments Law
SPM 8Mortgage Lending Compliance
SPM 9 General Banking Operations
SPM 10Compliance Management
SPM 11Construction Lending
SPM 12Loan Workouts & Collections
SPM 13Letters of Credit
SPM 15Community Reinvestment Act
SPM 16Employment Law1
SPM 17 Managing Financial Institutions
SPM 18 Truth in Lending Act & Regulation Z
SPM 19 Commercial Real Estate Lending
SPM 20 Financial Privacy & Information Security
SPM 21 Bank Secrecy Act Compliance
1 As of July 2019, SPM #14, Loan Participations, has been incorporated into SPM #3, Commercial Lending. In addition, we are no longer supporting or updating SPM #16, Employment Law.
Annual Subscription Price:
(Allows 5 concurrent users)

$2,125 BCG Members
$3,795 Non-members
An additional 5-user annual subscription is available
at a discounted price.




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banking law seminars
banking law seminars
banking law seminars
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