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Legal Processes Jan 2024

Our Legal Processes Manual discusses the following topics:
    Part One of this comprehensive Manual discusses federal and California laws that govern levies, attachments, executions and other legal processes involving levies on customers’ accounts and other types of property (in particular, safe deposit boxes). Part One provides detailed guidance regarding the handling of 19 different types of levies and orders to withhold, including:

    • Writs of Attachment and Execution
    • IRS Notice of Levy
    • IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien
    • CA Employment Development Department Notice of Levy
    • California Department of Tax and Fee Administration Notice of Levy
    • CA State Board of Equalization Notice to Withhold and Notice of Levy
    • CA Franchise Tax Board Order to Withhold

Part One also includes a discussion of the federal regulations and state laws governing exemptions available in connection with federal and California benefit payments.

    Part Two presents a detailed discussion of the privacy laws governing the disclosure of customer information pursuant to various types of legal process, including federal and state civil subpoenas, IRS summons, and federal and state government agency subpoenas, search warrants and other requests for information. Part Two provides an in-depth discussion of the California and Federal Right to Financial Privacy Acts.

Note that this Manual does not discuss the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act and their related privacy regulations, nor does it discuss the California Consumer Privacy Act or the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (all of which are covered in BCG Standard Procedures Manual #20, Financial Privacy & Information Security).

The main text of this Manual is 497 pages, plus 157 pages of appendixes, including examples of the various types of legal process discussed in the Manual.


Compliance Companion

Compliance Companion® is a one-stop regulatory compliance resource for financial institutions. This online compilation of 19 industry-leading compliance manuals, including this SPM #4, Legal Processes, takes the legalese out of federal and California laws and regulations, making it easier to understand and keep up with ongoing compliance developments.

Published by Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC, Compliance Companion® has many useful features including search capabilities, links to internal cross-references and web-based sources, as well as samples of dozens of forms, disclosures and notices.

This compliance resource can also be accessed from your mobile device, making it faster and easier to get the latest information on federal and California laws and regulations governing financial institutions.

For information regarding online subscriptions to Compliance Companion®, contact or call 949-553-0909.

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* Janet Bonnefin is retired from the practice of law with the firm.
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